Why Alan Procter Left The Labour Party in 2007!

I joined the party in 1983, when a railwayman, stayed a member till 2007, always active in local politics. The party changed and the key issues that caused me to resign were fairly straightforward. First, Labour expelled the RMT Union, then they became unbearably right wing. I resigned and stood as a Weetwood independent candidate. I was invited to join the Liberal Democrats, but because of their continuing lack of democracy, and the lack of a party branch I gave up. I continue my railway connections as chair of the Leeds Railway Pensioners. The Labor Party and the former Labour Government treated RMT and railway pensioners with contempt over an issue in Scotland. In 2010 I joined the English Democrats mainly because they were neither right or left wing, and have some fresh ideas that involve putting England first,  and fair deals for English People. I am still a member of the rail union TSSA and continue to campaign on railway issues!

Procterism – an Introduction To 3D Politics!

If someone is far left they describe me as far right. If they are far right they describe me as far left. From a rational point of view that makes Procterism a revolutionary far middle politics.

All the big parties are the same now, but how can this be, what counter revolutionary forces can account for this? Politics has drifted into three dimensions and its time to save society?

In the beginning there was Left and Right so where are you on the new three politcal spectra?

The Survival Spectrum is Left and Right but the definition has changed as follows:-

The Right  believe in the principle of “The Survival of the Fittest”

The Left  believe in the doctrine of “Survival by Adaption”

The Class Spectrum is Up and Down, often referred to as us and them! 

Up       –   Upper Class

Down  –   Lower Class

The Family Spectrum is In and Out 

Out – The Workers

In    – The Supported

Political Parties need to be reclassified under 3D principles. We need to stop the attack on supported people, lower classes and people who adapt! We need far centre politics now to save the human race!

Here is an Example, the Nazi’s. A bunch of survival of the fittest, lower class workers Right, Down, Out!

The rot in the Labour party has set in because they have gradually adopted survival of the fittest policies and are busy attacking supported people.

The Conservatives are becoming lower class and also attacking both workers and supported people as well, the anti family party!

The rusting lady once said there was no such thing as class, but 3D politics is here to stay where are you on my new 3D political spectrum?

Alan Procter, Not Right, Not Left, Not Up, Not Down, Not In, Not Out.

Far Centre Politics starts here – Procterism!

Lets save society and the planet from political extremists !!!!!

Future Weetwood Elections – Why Not Stand? – Procter for the Co-Operative!

There are no political elections planned for Weetwood in 2013. The only related election is at the Cooperative. They have about 20,000 members in Leeds and Wakefield. I have been a Director at the former Leeds Cooperative, also a director of a Cooperative Managerial staff Pension Scheme.

I was a member of the Leeds & Wakefield Co-operative area comittee elected in 2009 for a term of three years. I hope to stand again in 2013 and get involved in the running of one of the largest co-operatives in Europe.

In 2014, we have the Leeds Council local election, also an election for a Trustee of the Railway Pension scheme, I might have a bash at both of those. Also in 2014 its Euro Election time.

In 2015 its local elections again in May, and a General Election is likely anytime.

If anyone wants to stand in these election, start thinking about it now? There is no deposit needed for Council elections, three hundred pounds for parliament and five thousand for the Euro.

So, Its AP for the Co-op, election campaign starts today!

Procter Da Political Doctor Political Toast Accessible Version

My name is Jenny C i’m full of Yorkshire stylie and I don’t come in any category,

But I am bigging up AP, in this political testimony,

Cos he’s the man for me, and all peeps who don’t want a life of misery,

I like AP, he’s the man for me, willing to challenge, not full of apathy,

Not concerned with rich, fame and glee, or money grabbing while were in poverty,

Or mashing up the structure of our great country,

With the Americanisation of our economy, while English children languish in poverty,

Spied on by CCTV, scared to go out in case they suffer brutality,

Or get scammed in this fake society, lets stop bystander apathy,

Or the bleeding heart mentality, we need standards, we need values, fair play and integrity,

Not someone who wants 2 fill their pockets full of money,

Or get their ugly face on the telly,

So vote AP and English Democracy,

Save our rights, liberty and be free,

Vote Procter, political doctor, he might be little but his heart big underneath.

Written by Jenny C 2012, obviously copyright!

Weetwood Election Procter Da Political Doctor Toast by Jenny C

An unusual aspect of the 2012 election campaign was the publication of political toasts by Jenny C. The most popular one has got 900 views so far, it is called, Procter da political doctor version 2, why not click and view?

Procter da political doctor version 2… rough cut style……more to come… 

The original Video “Procter Da Political Doctor” has got 336.

Why not take a look and sing along?

Liberal Democrat Gay Marriage In Weetwood Protest Song – Jenny c

Its free vote day for the Gay Marriage Bill. Will Greg support it. Jenny C recorded a protest song called “In the Narrative” down in the Tinshill woods.

You can see this video on youtube by clicking here.

Jenny C also published a stereo audio track of her Gay Marriage Crusade click here.

Ooops, got those the wrong way round, will Adam and Eve become Steve an Steve? Its lost quite a few tory votes so it has to have helped our community a bit?

Jenny C wrote to the Archbisop and he replied. It seems that gays will be able to sleep around and not be shafted for adultery? Why should straight people lose their house and family if they have a bit on the side with a gay, but not the other way around.

It don’t bother me, a chair is a chair, a table is a table and until today a marriage was a marriage!

Update 6 February, Greg Mulholland, MP Liberal Democrat MP for Leeds North West, including Weetwood, did not vote on the issue and George Mudie, Labour Leeds East, Voted against.

The bill got the support of 400 against 175 and was passed.

Trolleybus Horror Is Coming to Weetwood!

We are going to get an old fashioned trolleybus here in Weetwood, possibly a left wing plot to get more tory votes. If a trolley bus were to appear overnight I probably might use it now and again but at the consultation meeting at Ralph Thoresby; we were told that our local buses would be halved in number.

We were told that the scheme would cost an amazing £250 Million and improve journey times by only two minutes.

It would be cheaper and quicker to walk down Tinshill and get the train at Horsforth. This wil be the way to travel when they are busy disrupting Weetwood life by chopping trees down, erecting unsightly cable poles and demolishing shops.

It will maybe reduce the pollution from Diesel. The first stage takes place at the Council executive bored meeting tomorrow, when the council is expected to support the scheme, and pay about fifty million towards it?

You can see details of the scheme on www.ngtmetro.com and read some arguments in favour on a660.org the A660 Joint Council.

If I had £250 Million, for transport it would go on improving our train line and integrated links, an Oyster Card system and ticket machines at bus stops!

I hope to make representations about this proposal when  official Transport Act consultation begins and more information is availabe?