Alan Procter Wins Election For NHS Job – Council of Governors – Leeds and York

I would like to announce that I have been elected as a member of the Council of Governors of Leeds and York Partnership  NHS Foundation Trust.

Its good working for the NHS, they are going through a lot of change and because they are part of an organisation saved my life and those of all my four grown up children, my services are free.

No expenses, no pay, just help from me, till eternity, Help save the NHS!

Respect and Dignity

Commitment to Quality of Care

Working Together

Improving Lives


Everyone Counts

I commit to living our values every day and will show this commitment in the ways I behave.

Alan Procter




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I am 66.6 Years Old : Weigh 66.6 kg and 66.6 Inches Tall on March 7 2014

Yes, just survived the latest birthday  today on which I made the 66th audio recording on my sony audio recorder!

It is the 66th day of 2014, 66.6 yers old, 66.6 inches tall and 66.6 Kg heavy.

All this happened in a week When I met 6 Psychiatrists, discovered Orangeboom 6 and Got invited to the daft Liberal Democrat Conference in York. you have to pay them £21 and go to the barbican. Please join the RMT protest against the Lib Dem cnuts in York today!

Update, Wednesday 7pm ish.

I had a visitor on my 666 day who left my house at 12 noon. It appears that 6.66 hours later an aircraft went missing at 640pm.

This is ongoing, and it just shows how things can change. I hope that my visitor recovers from this because I did make reference to the possibility of a railway disaster the RMT, whose leader died suddenly since then. Also my refernce to 66.6 heavy, is related to an airplane with passengers, this was probably a premonition.

My eldest son was scheduled to make a return flight to china but this was cancelled.






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