Trolley Bus Supporters – Labour ! Trolley Bus Denial – Lib Dems, Tusc.

I went to have a look at the Moortown misguided bus number seven today. King Lane Park and Ride. its much smaller than our local Weetwood/Adel Holt Park and ride but there are no strings and wires attached, must have been expensive?

In Weetwood we have a proposed trolley bus invented by the ConDems, but supported by Leeds Labour council group. TUSC is opposed to it as well, the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, fighting the cuts.

Liberal Democrats locally are opposed to the trolley bus.

I travel on firstbus every day and I have never seen a Liberal Democrat Councillor on a Weetwood bus. Councillors Barry Anderson and Bernard Atha use our number six bus, tory and labour, are the Lib Dems opposed to public transport in Weetwood, if not why are they only seen driving around in big cars, supported by Greg Mulholland MP who might have the highest expenses in parliament?



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Weetwood Trees Being Nailed and Numbered – Woodhouse Ridge Tree Cull

Its election fever in Weetwood, the first UKIP poster was sighted in Haigh Wood Road, yet no Weetwood Liberal Democrat candidate was seen at the Town Hall candidate briefing this morning?

Down on Woodhouse Ridge, amongst the bluebells, trees with green spots on them are being felled.

Two years ago it was the laburnums, horrible poisonous trees got the green spot and were chopped down.

In 2013 The Maples and Sycamores were targeted, along with Himalayan Balsam, Japanese Knotweed and drunken students?

The only trees left in Batties Wood are English Oaks, Beech and other nut trees?

If Lib ConDems are allowed to win the politically correct 2014 election, will our native trees be felled to prevent nut allergy?

Proposed notice above big party office? Warning, may contain nuts!

But why are numbers being nailed on Weetwood Trees?


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Weetwood European Parliamentary Elections UKIP Disadvantage!!!

I just read the latest Lenny Henry stuff about a Ukip candidate, however a very serious issue has been missed by the Media regarding the Registered Parties.

Voters in Weetwood will be faced with an alphabetical list of parties to vote for, that gives an obvious advantage to those at the top of the list. The obvious solution to this scandal is to randomize the list, like in other organoizations I know like the Co-operative.

This is the party order expected to be on ballot paper.

1) An Independence from Europe

2) British National Party

3) Conservative Party

4) English Democrats

5) Green Party

6) Labour Party

7) Liberal Democrats

8) NO2EU

9) UK Independence Party (UKIP)

10) Yorkshire First

This seems very unfair and it looks like people could be confused between the “An Independence from Europe” and “UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Also with different voting systems for concurrent Euro and Council ballots, there could be a lot of spoiled papers?

There are no independent Euro candidates for Weetwood and some of the party ones are a long way off.

According to the nomination list I have read the record appears to be by a Yorkshire First candidate called Richard Carter and lives at Gamlehagen 7, 1151 Oslo, Norway.


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Weetwood Leeds City Council Elections 2014 – Candidates In Credibility?

We are having an election in Weetwood on 22 May 2014. Here is the list of prospective Councillors:-

Mike Cullen – UK Independence Party; (UKIP)

Julie Caroline Heselwood; The Labour Party Candidate

Judith Maria Chapman; Liberal Democrats

Thomas Ian Mceeking; The Conservative Party Candidate

Martin Francis Hemingway; Green Party

Max Cussons; Trades Unionists and Socialists against Cuts

Its really good to have so many candidates to choose from this year, eeny meenie miney mo, but where did the English Democrats go?

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