Election Campign Weetwood – Leeds North West – Alan Procter UKIP Moortown

This is going to be my last post on here before the Local Election Results are declared on Friday.

The big parties have all delivered leaflets, as have UKIP. The only candidate I have met so far is the Adel UKIP representative.

There is not much happening from a poster point of view, just a scattering of plastic Labour boards, Libdem triangles and a UKIP impessive poster farm  near Holt Park.

No posters on Tinshill Recreation yet, very strange. Heavy rain is expected tomorrow morning, this might reduce the turnout of labour voters, and allow a change in weetwood! Please don’t forget to vote tomorrow 22 May, Local @ Euro Elections.

Election Results will be posted here sometime on Friday.

Further details on www.alanprocter.com

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Weetwood Election Poster Campaign Sleeps- UKIP – ASDA – Eng Dems

Home in Weetwood, politics has gone quiet? the biggest political campaign is being fought by ASDA Adel, who appear to be supporting the English Democrats Football fans campaign?

The big parties seem to have some kind of agreement to limit poster advertising, so after the ASDA campaign, it would be good if people could look in there letter boxes, maybe the hall and put all the party leaflets they support in their windows.

Encourage your neighbours, friends to vote and please support UKIP,  Alan

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The Co-operative Leeds & Wakefield Area Committee No Election Yet!

The Co-operative is in turmoil regarding governance issues. They have an Area Committee for Leeds & Wakefied.

One of their members is Moortown Councillor Alex Sobel who is also the Leeds North West Labour Parliamentary.

I applied to be an election candidate at the Cooperative committee in March, but this was declined mainly because the elections were suspended, extending the period of office of existing members.

The Cooperative held a special meeting yesterday in Personchester. They agreed to have a governance review. Jennifer attended as member delegate.

The problem as I see it is that they did not have the time to read the paperwork, and cooperative members are losing the right to directly elect representatives?

The Co-operative have been “Trojan Horsed” by various organisations.

At the recent Leeds Co-op members meeting if Co-op candidates would need to declare interests, such as freemasonry, common purpose, political parties, criminal convictions, drugs?

The answer was its in the details!


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Leeds Common Purpose – Who Are They?

There is an organisation called Common Purpose that does leadership training. After I stood for election as a Leeds North West Parliamentary Candidate, I received a lot of information about them from a reporter.

It seems that they were in conflict with a far right party called the English Democratic Party, and because of me being mistaken for one of their members, a lot of strange things happened.

I have never been a member of the English Democratic Party. The organisation called “Common Purpose” have members in the council, police, newspapers, NHS and if they don’t like you, you know about it as they use their leadership skills to dominate.

Cllr John Illingworth, is an expert on Common Purpose!

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Weetwood Election Campaign 2014 Alan Procter is UKIP Moortown Candidate

Thanks for looking at my blog. Its two years since I stood for election in Weetwood as a member of the English Democrats party.

I was going to stand for election for the same party in May 2013, but in the event this had to be cancelled following threats of violence. I did go to Crossgates and Whinmoor Ward on  by election night. On the way I was ambushed by about 20 youths outside Ralph Thoresby High School.

I managed to get this on video, and had a near miss from missiles.

There were ongoing problems after this and whilst in Crossgates and Whinmoor I was very impressed by the work UKIP had done, and they came a close second.

I experienced multilple yob attacks on my house, caught on CCTV and audio

This was investigated by Police, who dealt with it as hate crime.

It emerged that I had been mistaken for a conservative councillor, John Procter, on an ongoing basis.

John Proctor on twitter had been the victim of trolls, and the second misunderstanding was that the original John Proctor was executed for witchraft in the 1700’s . Eventually this story was turned into a play that is on the GCSE curriculum, its called “The Crucible”. The Yobs don’t like it!

It has settled down now, My name is Alan Leslie Procter UKIP candidate Moortown

Cllr John Procter is one of the conservative MEP hopefuls.

I am not John Proctor, RIP!

It was simply not safe for me to stand for election in Weetwood this year so I have defected to UKIP next door, over the trees of Adel to Moortown, where I have my roots!

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Alan Procter Moortown UKIP Candidate Election Video Collection

I just collected some election songs and videos that are really funny and I would like to share them with Leeds North West Constituents? order in line of hits!

The Un-credible Unshrinking Man – Labour Party 66,413 views – basically anti- Lib Dem

Banned BNP 2014 Broadcast- BNP 59,200 views, – Pro dog paranoia movie – anti UKIP

Cross In the Election X by Jenny C  – 45,666 views – First time voter cross in election!

Jonny & The Baptists – UKIP (Official Video) – 22,630 – Free Corned Beef!

Liberal Democrat Campaign Song – We’ll be the Change- 13,732- A dreadful song!

Citizen Steve- English Democrats – Land of St George – 5962 – A song for St George.

Nu Brand- Conservative Party Anthem- 2959 – An election classic for the tories!

Let the votes come in, this will be updated soon, enjoy the show? Alan Procter



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