Craig Sweaton UKIP – Bacon

The above person is the Chairman of West Leeds and Pudsey UKIP. He is a candidate in Middleton Ward in the Local Elections. On 9 March I made an official complaint about the way the UKIP branch here was being run, by a committee of four people, I am looking forward to a world where I am welcome to UKIP meetings, despite being unable to eat Pork, have a black girlfriend and have a disability. I have asked them if I am still banned from attending the next branch meeting on 12 May at an unknown location?

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Election Campaign 2015 Leeds North West – UKIP Candidate / Labour

It’s all Happening, Just found out that Labour PPC candidate is Alex Sobel, last time he was erected was in 2012 when the result was as follows: Moortown

Labour 3045

Liberal Democrat 2265

Conservative 804

UKIP 430

AGS 290

I have now got details of UKIP candidate 2015 Leeds North West! Watch this space!


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Moortown Campaign 2014

I stood for erection in May 2014 for Moortown Ward UKIP.

Here are the Results.

Leeds : Lab 38.6%; Con18.2%; UKIP 16.7%; Libdem 12.1%; Green 9.1%; AGS 0.6%

Moortown : Lab 43%; Con 19%; UKIP 12%; Green 11.85%; Lib Dem  11.4836%; AGS ?

It was really good standing for election in Moortown, in third place for UKIP, in a former safe Liberal Democrat council area, Ukip vote was 821, about double it was last time!

Thanks, Alan Procter

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UK Everest Home Improvements – Scammer Risk -Ukeverest

I got a nightmare promotional quotation from UK Everest for Roofline work. It was for £1185. When they got here they asked for £4000, they got this down to £1885.

They can be found here?

I phoned Trading Standards and there is an ongoing dispute, Police, Social Services and Affinity Trust are involved.

The confusion seems to be caused by a new law that came in on 13 June 2014 called the Consumer Contracts (Information Cancellation Charges Regulations 2013.)

This gives consumers a lot of new rights, but a lot of traders dont seem to be aware of it yet? It does reduce scammer risk but will it be more bread and butter for lawyers?


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Election Campign Weetwood – Leeds North West – Alan Procter UKIP Moortown

This is going to be my last post on here before the Local Election Results are declared on Friday.

The big parties have all delivered leaflets, as have UKIP. The only candidate I have met so far is the Adel UKIP representative.

There is not much happening from a poster point of view, just a scattering of plastic Labour boards, Libdem triangles and a UKIP impessive poster farm  near Holt Park.

No posters on Tinshill Recreation yet, very strange. Heavy rain is expected tomorrow morning, this might reduce the turnout of labour voters, and allow a change in weetwood! Please don’t forget to vote tomorrow 22 May, Local @ Euro Elections.

Election Results will be posted here sometime on Friday.

Further details on

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Weetwood Election Poster Campaign Sleeps- UKIP – ASDA – Eng Dems

Home in Weetwood, politics has gone quiet? the biggest political campaign is being fought by ASDA Adel, who appear to be supporting the English Democrats Football fans campaign?

The big parties seem to have some kind of agreement to limit poster advertising, so after the ASDA campaign, it would be good if people could look in there letter boxes, maybe the hall and put all the party leaflets they support in their windows.

Encourage your neighbours, friends to vote and please support UKIP,  Alan

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The Co-operative Leeds & Wakefield Area Committee No Election Yet!

The Co-operative is in turmoil regarding governance issues. They have an Area Committee for Leeds & Wakefied.

One of their members is Moortown Councillor Alex Sobel who is also the Leeds North West Labour Parliamentary.

I applied to be an election candidate at the Cooperative committee in March, but this was declined mainly because the elections were suspended, extending the period of office of existing members.

The Cooperative held a special meeting yesterday in Personchester. They agreed to have a governance review. Jennifer attended as member delegate.

The problem as I see it is that they did not have the time to read the paperwork, and cooperative members are losing the right to directly elect representatives?

The Co-operative have been “Trojan Horsed” by various organisations.

At the recent Leeds Co-op members meeting if Co-op candidates would need to declare interests, such as freemasonry, common purpose, political parties, criminal convictions, drugs?

The answer was its in the details!


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Leeds Common Purpose – Who Are They?

There is an organisation called Common Purpose that does leadership training. After I stood for election as a Leeds North West Parliamentary Candidate, I received a lot of information about them from a reporter.

It seems that they were in conflict with a far right party called the English Democratic Party, and because of me being mistaken for one of their members, a lot of strange things happened.

I have never been a member of the English Democratic Party. The organisation called “Common Purpose” have members in the council, police, newspapers, NHS and if they don’t like you, you know about it as they use their leadership skills to dominate.

Cllr John Illingworth, is an expert on Common Purpose!

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Weetwood Election Campaign 2014 Alan Procter is UKIP Moortown Candidate

Thanks for looking at my blog. Its two years since I stood for election in Weetwood as a member of the English Democrats party.

I was going to stand for election for the same party in May 2013, but in the event this had to be cancelled following threats of violence. I did go to Crossgates and Whinmoor Ward on  by election night. On the way I was ambushed by about 20 youths outside Ralph Thoresby High School.

I managed to get this on video, and had a near miss from missiles.

There were ongoing problems after this and whilst in Crossgates and Whinmoor I was very impressed by the work UKIP had done, and they came a close second.

I experienced multilple yob attacks on my house, caught on CCTV and audio

This was investigated by Police, who dealt with it as hate crime.

It emerged that I had been mistaken for a conservative councillor, John Procter, on an ongoing basis.

John Proctor on twitter had been the victim of trolls, and the second misunderstanding was that the original John Proctor was executed for witchraft in the 1700’s . Eventually this story was turned into a play that is on the GCSE curriculum, its called “The Crucible”. The Yobs don’t like it!

It has settled down now, My name is Alan Leslie Procter UKIP candidate Moortown

Cllr John Procter is one of the conservative MEP hopefuls.

I am not John Proctor, RIP!

It was simply not safe for me to stand for election in Weetwood this year so I have defected to UKIP next door, over the trees of Adel to Moortown, where I have my roots!

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Alan Procter Moortown UKIP Candidate Election Video Collection

I just collected some election songs and videos that are really funny and I would like to share them with Leeds North West Constituents? order in line of hits!

The Un-credible Unshrinking Man – Labour Party 66,413 views – basically anti- Lib Dem

Banned BNP 2014 Broadcast- BNP 59,200 views, – Pro dog paranoia movie – anti UKIP

Cross In the Election X by Jenny C  – 45,666 views – First time voter cross in election!

Jonny & The Baptists – UKIP (Official Video) – 22,630 – Free Corned Beef!

Liberal Democrat Campaign Song – We’ll be the Change- 13,732- A dreadful song!

Citizen Steve- English Democrats – Land of St George – 5962 – A song for St George.

Nu Brand- Conservative Party Anthem- 2959 – An election classic for the tories!

Let the votes come in, this will be updated soon, enjoy the show? Alan Procter



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Trolley Bus Supporters – Labour ! Trolley Bus Denial – Lib Dems, Tusc.

I went to have a look at the Moortown misguided bus number seven today. King Lane Park and Ride. its much smaller than our local Weetwood/Adel Holt Park and ride but there are no strings and wires attached, must have been expensive?

In Weetwood we have a proposed trolley bus invented by the ConDems, but supported by Leeds Labour council group. TUSC is opposed to it as well, the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, fighting the cuts.

Liberal Democrats locally are opposed to the trolley bus.

I travel on firstbus every day and I have never seen a Liberal Democrat Councillor on a Weetwood bus. Councillors Barry Anderson and Bernard Atha use our number six bus, tory and labour, are the Lib Dems opposed to public transport in Weetwood, if not why are they only seen driving around in big cars, supported by Greg Mulholland MP who might have the highest expenses in parliament?



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Weetwood Trees Being Nailed and Numbered – Woodhouse Ridge Tree Cull

Its election fever in Weetwood, the first UKIP poster was sighted in Haigh Wood Road, yet no Weetwood Liberal Democrat candidate was seen at the Town Hall candidate briefing this morning?

Down on Woodhouse Ridge, amongst the bluebells, trees with green spots on them are being felled.

Two years ago it was the laburnums, horrible poisonous trees got the green spot and were chopped down.

In 2013 The Maples and Sycamores were targeted, along with Himalayan Balsam, Japanese Knotweed and drunken students?

The only trees left in Batties Wood are English Oaks, Beech and other nut trees?

If Lib ConDems are allowed to win the politically correct 2014 election, will our native trees be felled to prevent nut allergy?

Proposed notice above big party office? Warning, may contain nuts!

But why are numbers being nailed on Weetwood Trees?


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Weetwood European Parliamentary Elections UKIP Disadvantage!!!

I just read the latest Lenny Henry stuff about a Ukip candidate, however a very serious issue has been missed by the Media regarding the Registered Parties.

Voters in Weetwood will be faced with an alphabetical list of parties to vote for, that gives an obvious advantage to those at the top of the list. The obvious solution to this scandal is to randomize the list, like in other organoizations I know like the Co-operative.

This is the party order expected to be on ballot paper.

1) An Independence from Europe

2) British National Party

3) Conservative Party

4) English Democrats

5) Green Party

6) Labour Party

7) Liberal Democrats

8) NO2EU

9) UK Independence Party (UKIP)

10) Yorkshire First

This seems very unfair and it looks like people could be confused between the “An Independence from Europe” and “UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Also with different voting systems for concurrent Euro and Council ballots, there could be a lot of spoiled papers?

There are no independent Euro candidates for Weetwood and some of the party ones are a long way off.

According to the nomination list I have read the record appears to be by a Yorkshire First candidate called Richard Carter and lives at Gamlehagen 7, 1151 Oslo, Norway.


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Weetwood Leeds City Council Elections 2014 – Candidates In Credibility?

We are having an election in Weetwood on 22 May 2014. Here is the list of prospective Councillors:-

Mike Cullen – UK Independence Party; (UKIP)

Julie Caroline Heselwood; The Labour Party Candidate

Judith Maria Chapman; Liberal Democrats

Thomas Ian Mceeking; The Conservative Party Candidate

Martin Francis Hemingway; Green Party

Max Cussons; Trades Unionists and Socialists against Cuts

Its really good to have so many candidates to choose from this year, eeny meenie miney mo, but where did the English Democrats go?

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Alan Procter Wins Election For NHS Job – Council of Governors – Leeds and York

I would like to announce that I have been elected as a member of the Council of Governors of Leeds and York Partnership  NHS Foundation Trust.

Its good working for the NHS, they are going through a lot of change and because they are part of an organisation saved my life and those of all my four grown up children, my services are free.

No expenses, no pay, just help from me, till eternity, Help save the NHS!

Respect and Dignity

Commitment to Quality of Care

Working Together

Improving Lives


Everyone Counts

I commit to living our values every day and will show this commitment in the ways I behave.

Alan Procter




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I am 66.6 Years Old : Weigh 66.6 kg and 66.6 Inches Tall on March 7 2014

Yes, just survived the latest birthday  today on which I made the 66th audio recording on my sony audio recorder!

It is the 66th day of 2014, 66.6 yers old, 66.6 inches tall and 66.6 Kg heavy.

All this happened in a week When I met 6 Psychiatrists, discovered Orangeboom 6 and Got invited to the daft Liberal Democrat Conference in York. you have to pay them £21 and go to the barbican. Please join the RMT protest against the Lib Dem cnuts in York today!

Update, Wednesday 7pm ish.

I had a visitor on my 666 day who left my house at 12 noon. It appears that 6.66 hours later an aircraft went missing at 640pm.

This is ongoing, and it just shows how things can change. I hope that my visitor recovers from this because I did make reference to the possibility of a railway disaster the RMT, whose leader died suddenly since then. Also my refernce to 66.6 heavy, is related to an airplane with passengers, this was probably a premonition.

My eldest son was scheduled to make a return flight to china but this was cancelled.






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Alan Procter Picture 2013

IMG00168-20120503-1843 (800x600)

This picture was taken in May 2012 near a wall, this is just a test of my new blog that has been converted to wordpress by 1@1 Internet!

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Why Alan Procter Left The Labour Party in 2007!

I joined the party in 1983, when a railwayman, stayed a member till 2007, always active in local politics. The party changed and the key issues that caused me to resign were fairly straightforward. First, Labour expelled the RMT Union, then they became unbearably right wing. I resigned and stood as a Weetwood independent candidate. I was invited to join the Liberal Democrats, but because of their continuing lack of democracy, and the lack of a party branch I gave up. I continue my railway connections as chair of the Leeds Railway Pensioners. The Labor Party and the former Labour Government treated RMT and railway pensioners with contempt over an issue in Scotland. In 2010 I joined the English Democrats mainly because they were neither right or left wing, and have some fresh ideas that involve putting England first,  and fair deals for English People. I am still a member of the rail union TSSA and continue to campaign on railway issues!

Procterism – an Introduction To 3D Politics!

If someone is far left they describe me as far right. If they are far right they describe me as far left. From a rational point of view that makes Procterism a revolutionary far middle politics.

All the big parties are the same now, but how can this be, what counter revolutionary forces can account for this? Politics has drifted into three dimensions and its time to save society?

In the beginning there was Left and Right so where are you on the new three politcal spectra?

The Survival Spectrum is Left and Right but the definition has changed as follows:-

The Right  believe in the principle of “The Survival of the Fittest”

The Left  believe in the doctrine of “Survival by Adaption”

The Class Spectrum is Up and Down, often referred to as us and them! 

Up       –   Upper Class

Down  –   Lower Class

The Family Spectrum is In and Out 

Out – The Workers

In    – The Supported

Political Parties need to be reclassified under 3D principles. We need to stop the attack on supported people, lower classes and people who adapt! We need far centre politics now to save the human race!

Here is an Example, the Nazi’s. A bunch of survival of the fittest, lower class workers Right, Down, Out!

The rot in the Labour party has set in because they have gradually adopted survival of the fittest policies and are busy attacking supported people.

The Conservatives are becoming lower class and also attacking both workers and supported people as well, the anti family party!

The rusting lady once said there was no such thing as class, but 3D politics is here to stay where are you on my new 3D political spectrum?

Alan Procter, Not Right, Not Left, Not Up, Not Down, Not In, Not Out.

Far Centre Politics starts here – Procterism!

Lets save society and the planet from political extremists !!!!!

Future Weetwood Elections – Why Not Stand? – Procter for the Co-Operative!

There are no political elections planned for Weetwood in 2013. The only related election is at the Cooperative. They have about 20,000 members in Leeds and Wakefield. I have been a Director at the former Leeds Cooperative, also a director of a Cooperative Managerial staff Pension Scheme.

I was a member of the Leeds & Wakefield Co-operative area comittee elected in 2009 for a term of three years. I hope to stand again in 2013 and get involved in the running of one of the largest co-operatives in Europe.

In 2014, we have the Leeds Council local election, also an election for a Trustee of the Railway Pension scheme, I might have a bash at both of those. Also in 2014 its Euro Election time.

In 2015 its local elections again in May, and a General Election is likely anytime.

If anyone wants to stand in these election, start thinking about it now? There is no deposit needed for Council elections, three hundred pounds for parliament and five thousand for the Euro.

So, Its AP for the Co-op, election campaign starts today!

Procter Da Political Doctor Political Toast Accessible Version

My name is Jenny C i’m full of Yorkshire stylie and I don’t come in any category,

But I am bigging up AP, in this political testimony,

Cos he’s the man for me, and all peeps who don’t want a life of misery,

I like AP, he’s the man for me, willing to challenge, not full of apathy,

Not concerned with rich, fame and glee, or money grabbing while were in poverty,

Or mashing up the structure of our great country,

With the Americanisation of our economy, while English children languish in poverty,

Spied on by CCTV, scared to go out in case they suffer brutality,

Or get scammed in this fake society, lets stop bystander apathy,

Or the bleeding heart mentality, we need standards, we need values, fair play and integrity,

Not someone who wants 2 fill their pockets full of money,

Or get their ugly face on the telly,

So vote AP and English Democracy,

Save our rights, liberty and be free,

Vote Procter, political doctor, he might be little but his heart big underneath.

Written by Jenny C 2012, obviously copyright!

Weetwood Election Procter Da Political Doctor Toast by Jenny C

An unusual aspect of the 2012 election campaign was the publication of political toasts by Jenny C. The most popular one has got 900 views so far, it is called, Procter da political doctor version 2, why not click and view?

Procter da political doctor version 2… rough cut style……more to come… 

The original Video “Procter Da Political Doctor” has got 336.

Why not take a look and sing along?

Liberal Democrat Gay Marriage In Weetwood Protest Song – Jenny c

Its free vote day for the Gay Marriage Bill. Will Greg support it. Jenny C recorded a protest song called “In the Narrative” down in the Tinshill woods.

You can see this video on youtube by clicking here.

Jenny C also published a stereo audio track of her Gay Marriage Crusade click here.

Ooops, got those the wrong way round, will Adam and Eve become Steve an Steve? Its lost quite a few tory votes so it has to have helped our community a bit?

Jenny C wrote to the Archbisop and he replied. It seems that gays will be able to sleep around and not be shafted for adultery? Why should straight people lose their house and family if they have a bit on the side with a gay, but not the other way around.

It don’t bother me, a chair is a chair, a table is a table and until today a marriage was a marriage!

Update 6 February, Greg Mulholland, MP Liberal Democrat MP for Leeds North West, including Weetwood, did not vote on the issue and George Mudie, Labour Leeds East, Voted against.

The bill got the support of 400 against 175 and was passed.

Trolleybus Horror Is Coming to Weetwood!

We are going to get an old fashioned trolleybus here in Weetwood, possibly a left wing plot to get more tory votes. If a trolley bus were to appear overnight I probably might use it now and again but at the consultation meeting at Ralph Thoresby; we were told that our local buses would be halved in number.

We were told that the scheme would cost an amazing £250 Million and improve journey times by only two minutes.

It would be cheaper and quicker to walk down Tinshill and get the train at Horsforth. This wil be the way to travel when they are busy disrupting Weetwood life by chopping trees down, erecting unsightly cable poles and demolishing shops.

It will maybe reduce the pollution from Diesel. The first stage takes place at the Council executive bored meeting tomorrow, when the council is expected to support the scheme, and pay about fifty million towards it?

You can see details of the scheme on and read some arguments in favour on the A660 Joint Council.

If I had £250 Million, for transport it would go on improving our train line and integrated links, an Oyster Card system and ticket machines at bus stops!

I hope to make representations about this proposal when  official Transport Act consultation begins and more information is availabe?